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At The Personal Development Center (SSP), we are pleased to cordially invite you to become an active member of SSP Annual Calendar of Events 2018. 

Community development can be defined as the economic value that comes from small, concentrated, cultural nucleus; whether from the family, or from local companies/small businesses, grass-roots organizations and Latino Business Leaders. Taking in consideration this fact, the option for support between entrepreneurs and community leaders can result in a high social impact that will improve the quality of life in NC, build stronger business, various communities, and simultaneously provide greater visibility.

At SSP we offer workshops, seminars and training programs to help individuals, entrepreneurs, and their team to achieves personal and professional excellence. We are extremely proud of our business celebrating our 7th year anniversary. Since 2010 our conference and training development has helped entrepreneurs to empower their careers and connect them with new customers. SSP received The Business Award in 2013 from Diamante Inc., for our achievements and services and Leadership Excellence Award from LNCTV in 2017.

See why you need to be one of our SSP active members. Attached is the package of information with the SSP Approach for our members success, along with different "Package Levels for Business Memberships" that are available for your organization.

We anticipate that more than 400 community and business leaders will be attending our conferences, workshops, business expo, and fashion shows. More than 1 million Latinos will listen about our educational programs through TV and radio.




 Live Your Dreams!
  11:00 am - Registration, Networking, and Business Expo

                   Musical presentations, raffles, buffet (lunch and dinner) and much more...

  1:00 pm - Welcome

                   Nora L. Hernández, President SSP

                   Live your dreams!

  2:00 pm - Women Who Heal!

                    Round Table (Teamwork)

                    Group Photography

 3:00 pm -  How does the money work?

                   Ana Miriam Carpio

                   Manager of Primerica Division

4:00 pm -    Voices of “Woman Leaders”

                   Latino featured Panel

                   1. Lenny Liz, I'm Latin Like You! -Executive director

                   2. Martha olive, Businesswoman

                   3. Conchita Jimenez - Gonzalez, Analytical Director of Programs and

                       Operations - STEM Leader GSK

5:00 pm -  Keynote Speaker

                  Pilar Ortiz, Journalist, Trainer, Author and Friend

6:00 pm -  Leadership Excellence Award!

7:00 pm -  Fashion Show, Networking and Raffles






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 1(919) 867-9494 * 1(919) 520-1437 *