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The VI Annual Integral Leadership Summit for Latino Men presents information on climate change, the lasting effects, and the power of the Latina community to prevent and overcome them. The summit will raise awareness of this topic by providing the 5 steps of successful leadership through a panel of experts and an interactive workshop.

According to the United Nations and various studies, by 2030, the loss of 40% of the worlds drinking water supply, and an increase in global population, could lead us spiraling towards a global water crises (

Understanding that accessible water supplies are fundamental to sustainable development and the eradication of hunger and poverty, the members of the United Nations have expressed their profound concern for the lack of access to clean drinking water and sanitation services due to urbanization, population growth, desertification, drought and overall changes in global climate.
Global climate change further exacerbates these issues through the continued presence of stronger natural disasters than ever previously recorded.
Additionally, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, stated, "Those who do not seek a green economy will live in grey future."
Global climate change affects all nations. It has a negative impact on the economy and lives of the individuals, their communities and cultures. In the future, these consequences will be ever more extreme.

Even now, everyone can feel the very real effects of climate change whether noticing changes in weather patterns, increased ocean water levels, and the normalization of increasingly disastrous natural phenomena. The global warming carbon emissions resulting from human activity contributes to the risks we face through climate change. In fact, levels of these emissions have never been higher than they are today. If we do not act now, the average temperature of the globe could increase by 3 degrees Celsius this century, having a detrimental affect on many parts of the world. The poorest and most vulnerable of the global community will face the gravest consequences.

However, with a well-informed community, continued education and outreach, sensible sustainable systems can be created to effect change in the planet and in all our lives.

The Sede de Superación Personal, LLC invites you to join us in making a change! Well be using the guidelines set forth by the Haz Posible el Cambio initiative to lead by example as we develop Objective for a Sustainable Future. This campaign will encourage us to live and conduct business in a more planet-friendly manner. We will create awareness of how even at the individual level our consumer habits, modes of transportation, and even the foods we buy, can all be adapted for a more sustainable future. Everyone is invited to participate.

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