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Women Who Hill!

Round Tables/ 10 Groups/  100 Latinas/ 100 Signatures  

For 30 minutes they should:
1. The moderator will invite the group to select the theme for discussion, to talk about the situation faced by the community in relations to the new laws, Government and separation from families as well as of other social issues affecting the Latino community. The moderator must write or draw on an easel the teams discussion and recommendations.

2. The moderator once more will invite the group to talk about possible solutions. She will invite participants to sign a sheet that will be provided, which will be sent to the Governor along with 90 signatures with and invitation letter for the Integral Leadership Summit for Men 2017.

3. The Moderator will present to the audience the problems encountered and possible solutions

4. Inspiring a vision the moderator will lead the way and will invite the group outside the facilities to take a picture with 99 other women. All of them in our dress code wearing all white attire as a sign of unity and leadership.

It is about awareness and choice towards community integration and to develop five practices of exemplary leadership; model the way, inspired a share vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and encourage the heart.

The Center for Personal Development (SSP, LLC) will present Excellent of Leadership Award! to each women for their leadership and social work.

Want to be part of women that heal? Book your seat and invite other women in your community. Form a group and live your dreams!

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