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My Legacy To Other Women!

SSP extends to you a cordial invitation, so that you can become part of the "Round Tables" during the Summit that will be moderated by female leaders. The objective of the summit is to discuss key themes impacting women today and develop potential solutions. Break out teams will address key themes and provide feedback to the overall attendees.

For 30 minutes:
1. The moderator will invite the group to discuss women's leadership, legacy, and other issues affecting young Latinas. The moderator must write or draw on an easel the teams discussion and recommendations.

2. The moderator once more will invite the group to talk about possible solutions as part of their leadership and legacy for young Latinas.

3. The Moderator will present to the audience the problems encountered and possible solutions.

3. Inspiring a vision the moderator will lead the way and will invite the group outside the facilities to take a picture with other women. Dress code will be all white attire as a sign of unity and leadership.

4. Want to be part of Women Leader? Book your seat and invite other women in your community. Form a group and live your dreams!

5. Inscríbete antes del 8 de julio, 2018 y recibe el libro firmado por la escritora ¡Entre Tus Manos!




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